Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Birthday on Friday the 13th

Aside from the mercurial weather, last day was something more than the usual day for two reasons I thought.

My birthday.

The first reason is that it was my birthday. Like what I have been used to, I did not spend the day more extravagantly than any of my usual day in this getting older planet as I did not wish to remember it as slowly climbing over the hill. A hundred of friends well wished in different ways, and some close chums asked where the hell is my celebration.

I attended instead a seminar on multigrade teaching that day, and I mockingly informed my friends that it was my way of throwing a party meaningfully by spending it with less privileged multigrade teachers, our modern heroes. I wanted to sound like a celebrity conducting charity works on my special day. Lol.

But joking aside, I am thanking God for another candle He added on my cake. Through the highest and lowest points in my life, He never failed to shower heavenly wisdom and superb health to my life. Wherever direction He is leading my way right now, I have faith in the beauty of His plan.

Moreover, I would like to give a blog space of thank you to all my friends who noticed my name in the upper right corner of their Facebook page and took the time to drop a line. I cannot possibly leave a word of gratitude to each of your outpouring posts, but I truly appreciate your kind words and well wishes.

Friday the 13th.

The second reason why it is more than the usual day is that it was Friday the 13th. On the other side of things, many sinister events in history are often associated to this date. I actually have read in Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown that the creepy date has been tied to the historic mass murder of Knights Templar on Friday the 13th. This tragic event was etched in the stone of history since then.

People consider Friday or 13th as a symbol of misfortune, destruction, and death. It is reputed that Adam and Eve ate the apple and driven from the Garden of Eden on Friday. Look at the iconic Last Supper painting; we know there were thirteen persons and Christ was eventually crucified on Friday.

During the Middle Ages, it is also considered as the day of the witches and spirits, which must be the reason why old folks during my time used to reprimand children going somewhere during this infamous day.

Another superstition I know is that it is during this date that many accidents happen, so it is forbidden to take a trip on this date as misfortune is bound to follow. It is also said that if you have thirteen letters in your name, you will have the luck of the devil. Now, start counting. Lol.

Thank you, everyone!

I spent my birthday on what they say unlucky Friday the 13th, but I certainly feel blessed both in happiness and challenges.

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