Friday, May 2, 2014

Say Hello to May

Makes me wanna whistle a merry tune of the famous line of a song: All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go. 

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I just want to drop a line before I will take a hiatus from this blog. No, I am not leaving on a jet plane, but on an airplane. I will be out for over a week of adventure. I am definitely excited as this is my maiden voyage to a farther destination.

This is really a dream in the making since last year and this is like nothing can stop now. Not even the pending clearance papers I will be leaving. After all, I was not born to live in the world of stress. I badly need this break.

Right now, I am giddy and everything is ready. Wardrobes have been rehearsed and cameras are fully charged. I expect a fun filled week with pretty places to see and hopefully new faces to meet.

So, do not be surprised if this space will look like a travelogue after I return. Winks and kisses.

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