Sunday, May 18, 2014

Baguio, Here We Go!

Baguio City is definitely the right place to chill after a year of pressures, yes a year of pressures! 

We set foot in this well known Summer Capital of the Philippines on the cold dawn of our second day of summer trip to the north. The wind was really chilling down my spine and I was caught unprepared because I was not able to haul out my thick jacket after a few travel breakdowns on the way. 

We barely had five hours to take a rest, but lazy bones and sleepy heads did not surely decrease our excitement level for the day.

Never be without the pine trees.

Just chilling at the legenday Burnham Park.

Riding on a white horse at Mines View Park.

Drop by SM City Baguio.

The official residence of The President when in Baguio.

Wright Park, right?

Fooling around Philippine Military Academy.

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