Monday, May 19, 2014

A Side Trip to Strawberry Fields in La Trinidad

A grand vacation in Baguio City would not be perfect without a side trip to the famous Strawberry Fields in the nearby La Trinidad City, Benguet Province.

Strawberry Fields, La Trinidad, Benguet Province.

And just a side note. We all know most of us fondly link Baguio City to strawberries, but the fact is that strawberry fields are not geographically part of it. Strawberry fields, like the one we side tripped, is located in another city just near. 

This popular attraction is actually part of La Trinidad, the capital city of Benguet Province. It is just a hop from the summer capital, which might be the reason why people seem oblivious. I am a little strict about this when geographically speaking because I grew up having penchant for maps.

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