Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Of Serenity...

Communal living in the farm is probably one of the last frontiers of life that is distinguished by simplicity and tranquility.

I cannot simply find an adjective that best describes the distinct smell of farm... the muddy soil, the burned wood, the wet haystack, the human sweat - all mixed together.

The peaceful atmosphere of nature... the whisper of wind, the call of cows, the babble of river, the frolick of birds, the rustle of leaves - truly wonderful retreat.

And the innocence of the world by the idyllic view... the rice paddies, the clear skies, the grazing cattles, the working farmers - a relaxing sight to behold.

The modern world has many comforts to offer but it does not necessarily mean contentment nor happiness. Most often, the best things in life come in simple packages.

God in heaven, thanks for these gifts of life that unwrapped before my senses today and for the opportunity to experience them at hand. You reminded again that life is still beautiful after all.

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