Friday, April 11, 2014

M7NHS 1st Grand Alumni Homecoming

All roads led to Marbel 7 National High School.

I consider it a history attending the 1st Grand Alumni Homecoming of my high school. After two scores and eight years since its inception, it was the high time to pay homage to the institution that molded many generations of our community.

Actually, for one personal reason, I was bushy tailed about the reunion because I was in a hell of rut lately, so that the most anticipated happy atmosphere of the homecoming became a reason for my exhausted mind to escape from all the pressure of work environment.

But it was indeed an awesome opportunity not only to reconnect with my dear batchmates, lost friends, beloved teachers and other alumni after a long time, but also to reminisce our most cherished yesteryears as worthy products of this institution.

We were assigned gold as color code of our cluster. We glowed with more fun under the heat of midsummer sun and it gave that sort of pride of identity. I think we never changed for being competitive as we bagged the top plum during the variety show, not to mention our huge fan base of pretty and loud batch.

And homecoming is simply without being an avenue to create new memories like remembering the past, laughing out loud, touring around the campus, taking group pictures, practicing our batch yells. I am certain that these happy memories provided another reason for everbody to come back next reunion.

So, until we meet again, M7NHSians.


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