Saturday, April 12, 2014

Agad Agad... Di Ba Pwedeng...

Filipinos have developed another manner of justifying things these days, not to mention the wide influence of media propagating this expression all over this crazy expression hooked country.

When I uploaded my pictures taken at my growing cactus terrarium, a friend of mine commented that I am not only a teacher, but also a botanist. Rather than feel complimented, I knew it was an overstatement, so I replied in a form of this two question expression:

Botanist agad agad? Di ba pwedeng gardener lang muna?

AGAD AGAD... is an expression usually suffixed to the first question sentence, which roughly means right away or instantly. DI BA PWEDENG... is another expression prefixed on the second question that means "can something or someone not be" for a while or for now.

The expression is usually made as a reply to an exaggerated comment. For instance, in my case, I am only fond of plants but someone said that I can pass off a botanist. As a funny reply using the expression, I said: Do I look like botanist right away? Can I be a gardener for now?

This expression has evolved from a simple way of reasoning to rude, funny, witty and even sweet. Here are some other comments I heard and searched around using the expression. Credit to the websites.

Kapag walang girlfriend pangit agad? Di ba pwedeng lalaki ang gusto?
Pag pangit sa picture, pangit sa personal agad? Di ba pwedeng wacky muna?
Kapag ba may sumusunod sayo stalker agad? Di ba pwedeng snatcher muna?
Pag may kasama, boyfriend agad? Di ba pwedeng classmate lang?
Porke blooming in love agad? Di ba pwedeng naka blush on lang?
Porket nagseselos, insecure na agad? Hindi ba pwedeng nangangamba lang muna?
Porket nakadalawang rice patay gutom agad? Di ba puedeng di lang nag-almusal?

Kung maputi, Edward Cullen agad? Di ba pwedeng Casper muna?
Kapag tambay sa Starbucks mayaman agad? Di ba pwedeng pasosyal lang muna?
Kapag ibon, Angry Birds agad? Di ba pwedeng si Simsimi muna?
kapag maamo sayo ang unggoy mabait agad? Di ba pedeng lukso ng dugo muna?

Kapag ba ngumingiti mag-isa baliw agad? Di ba pwedeng naaalala lang kita?
Kapag ba sumisinga umiiyak agad? Di ba pwedeng sinisipon muna?
Kapag ba naghahanap ng rugby adik agad? Di ba pwedeng may ididikit muna?
Kapag ba naliligo sa ulan masaya na agad? di ba pwedeng tinatago muna ang luha?
Kapag di makatulog sa gabi may insomia agad? Di ba pwedeng iniisip lang muna kita?

Pag ba makulimlim, ulap agad? Di ba pwedeng kilikili muna?
Pag ba adik, drugs agad? Di ba pwedeng sa iyo muna?
Pag mahaba ang hair, in love agad? Di ba pwedeng Sadako muna?
Pag hot ung babae, sexy agad? Di ba pwedeng may dengue fever muna?
Kapag payat ang babae, pang model agad? Di ba pwedeng may tubercolosis muna?

Kapag nakangiti, baliw agad? Di ba pwedeng naalala lang kita?

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