Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Growing Collection of Tillandsia

I love the uniqueness of plants found in arid biomes like desert that my once cactus collection is now growing into a heap of wider array of related varieties. One of them is the rare tillandsia plants.

Tillandsia are ephiphytes, which means they do not need soil in order to grow. They can be hang on a screen or glued to a solid material like dead woods. They absorb nutrients through their specialized leaves.

Although they are not cultivated primarily for their flowers, they bloom once they grow mature. Their flowers are beautiful and come in different colors, depending on the variety.

I bought this as a single plant alone a few month back. After its flowers bloomed and eventually withered, pups came out.

Others, sepecially those have adapted to tropical habitats, could grow on soil. I initially did not classify this one among tillandsia plants until I found it to the collection of an expert gardener.

There are also varieties, like the one above, that can be designed and whipped into a ball using a screen pattern.

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