Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cafe France

During one of those Fridays I took a leave from this blog, I went with my two school fellows for an official business when we bumped into this food stall in SM City General Santos. Alright, I admit I've never been to different popular cafes so I did not allow the chance just slip away. 

CAFE FRANCE is not just a place to meet over a cup of hot coffee but also a home to spend quiet time over good food. As its name suggests, it brings one to the house of one of the most popular tastes of freshly baked bread and pasta. 

Since we were just a little over with a heavy lunch and about to go home, we dined in for a taste of snacks and a buy of goodies. We tried their best selling Madeliene which came in a chocolate and butter flavors.

Surprisingly, I did not find a lot of French sounding items but they have baguette bread, chocolate croissant, and raisin bread. I learned that they use flour from Moulins de Paris, which allow local customers experience an authentic taste.

It's worth another hop and taste of their other products. We did not linger long though and I said: Au revoir!

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