Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Filipino Push Expression

The fast trending Filipino expression I am talking about is the "i-push mo yan" expression.

It is gaining popularity especially in social networking sites where I've been reading it more often recently. As a matter of fact, there are pages dedicated solely for it. But I wonder if there is something more to it.

The origin of this expression is unclear though but it roughly means to make something happen - maybe an idea, opinion, policy or action. This is actually used by people who are ranting, contempting and criticizing.

For example, when somebody is doing busy yet horses around, one can say: You have deadlines tomorrow but you're going to party tonight? Go, i-push mo yan.

A very funny but really mean comment I read goes this way: Your mother said you have the talent but need to work harder? Hala, i-push mo yan.

In a recent controversy about delivery of relief goods, somebody posted: Many victims are starving and the relief goods from other countries are repacked here before they are delivered. Nice job, i-push mo yan.

Another rant I heard from somebody in the street: So, what if you have a new phone? Do you need to bath your messages with tons of emoticons? Sige, i-push mo yan.

However, this is the twist. The expression is actually an irony; the sayer is telling someone to take a particular comment or action but implying the opposite of it, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.

It means that the person saying the expression does not actually support what the other thinks or performs. It is another way of expressing contempt over one's idea, opinion or action.

So, the next time someone advises you to push it, you know what that person thinks. And the other instance you want to express contempt to someone or something, you know what creative expression to say.

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  1. Interesting, madami nga nag lalabasan na expression nowadays and that one na "ipush mo yan" hits it

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