Friday, November 8, 2013

Ton of Guts + Dash of Talent = Concert

I have been ranting about how this semester break turned out to be a still busy week until this training held out of town came as a gleam of hope for me to escape from the rut of living before going back to the grinds. 

And while the Training on School Based Management held at the scenic Punta Isla Resort, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato still meant business, I took the opportunity as an act of saving myself from the verge of insanity. Lenka once said: Just enjoy the show. After all, nobody wants to be miserable, does one?

And speaking of show, your blogger must label this comeback post as shameless one after a period of another hiatus from this blog. Shameless singers, that is, I must warn you before making a return sweep to read the next lines of this piece.

I and Shiela were on our pajamas and just wanted to take a few pictures around the resort before going to bed. When we came back in the function hall, I felt envy to this small circle of female teachers singing their hearts out with the videoke flashed before the big screen on stage. I suggested to my chum that we stop a while and sing once before we leave.

Just as I was about to belt out the chorus, the group of female teachers decided that they retire to their quarters. Godofredo, a jolly fellow from the other district, came in and we were amused and inspired by his gutsy vocal prowess that we kept browsing the song book and enter codes in the videoke machine. After a couple of chats and rounds, he kissed good night.

Another bubbly fellow Laurice joined not a little over. Since she really didn't want to sing, she grabbed the other microphone and mocked singing on stage for a silly pictorial. I swear I have never seen anyone having fun on stage like her that her own ecstasy contaminated me and my friend.

We choreographed our moves and projected our images like real trio concert performers on a live show before a rolling camera. And the rest, as most stories always spin the yarn, was history... 

We felt like real concert performers in the eyes of our crazy audience - both real and imagined. Sometimes it takes a ton of stage guts and just a dash of vocal talent in order to be concert performers. Now, this is what we call shameless at its worst.

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