Friday, November 22, 2013

That Small Can Over The Counter

I did an early grocery shop this afternoon to avoid the holiday rush and budget constraint in the month to come. While I thought of these things for my family at home, I pondered for those of the unprivileged children when I saw this small can over the counter...

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It is the "Barya Mo, Buhay Ko" Coin Bank of the Bantay Bata 163, a charity program of the ABSCBN Foundation that does not only rescue abused children and support indisposed children, but also provide home and therapy for them. 

Aside from its noble cause of advocating the rights, welfare and protection of children, Bantay Bata has been visibly conducting medical support for those diseased children and legal assistance for those abused children for many years now.

Sometimes we feel hopeless in life, but other times we just have to look at these unprivileged children in the orphanages and streets, so that we would realize that we are still very lucky after all.

There is that small can over the counter. In small ways, we can show our brotherly love by dropping something for these abused and diseased children.I just did again. 

And how can we help more? For information, visit their website in this link here.

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