Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Review for Punta Isla

Looking for a great sojourn not far and wide? Don't miss Punta Isla in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato - the once dubbed Summer Capital of the South. I have been there thrice with the most recent trip last week and I really had a great time.

Five stars for the cool ambiance, which could probably be the most romantic, a hidden gem in the province. It is situated on top of a  hill, overlooking the serene lake, which in a sense, makes you feel as though you are the captain of a little world wandering past and just chilling out.

Four stars for the service. I understand that the purpose of the two lines during meal queue is to minimize waiting time but the staff did not inform. The buffet setting was one long table with two same menu through both ends, so we had to actually line in two at the center instead of the usual. Other than that, the inquiries and requests were all fine.

Three and a half stars for the food. Aside from the garlic beef and their famous chicharon tilapia, I cannot remember something great in their cuisine. Some may have not liked fresh vegetable salad but for a person watching the weighing scale, I actually liked it. Cleaned the plate, as they say.

Three and a half stars for the accommodation. The traditional motif of the rooms reflect how culturally substantial and naturally inspired the locality where the resort is. This resort is clearly unique but I would only suggest some minor physical make over to hide the undeniable age of the resort, especially the for rooms.

And three stars for the amenities. The highlight of the resort trip was boating. A trip to lake resort would not be complete without the half hour lake cruise. Our problem cropped though when we needed to take turns by fifteens because only one boat was available at the moment. There is also a floating restaurant by the lake, but the swimming pool in the knoll seems not for swimming at all.

As a whole, Punta Isla Lake Resort is a worthy nature haven to spend vacation or hold seminar. If you are around the province and planning for short travels, it is a the place to visit - great ambiance, friendly staff, fair accommodation, and amazing cruise. Bring a great company, and you're in a winning day!

Worth the fourth visit next time!


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