Saturday, October 26, 2013

Weighing Scale Alert

Actually, I am torn between gaining weight and losing weight as though I am a two different persons at the same time. I want the enough flesh of my body proportion I have now but I also believe in the timely advice of Santa Claus: Don't look bigger than your refrigerator!

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Just last month I checked my weight and confirmed my suspicions of increasing fat deposits. I was alarmed I reached that shining emerald number for the first time in my life - and that is despite the fact of meal skips. I don't look fat as my friends commented and a little inflated body suits me just fine.

But I guess it's a matter of placing gained weight in the right corners of my body. I noticed that when I gain weight, the part of my body that usually bulges is my tummy. My arms seem all the same slender, which gives them "illusion" that I am skinny until I fit my shirt and they see my tummy screaming.

As a weight measure, I avoid too much on my plate during these recent parties, treats and fiestas. Though the tempt of mouth watering food is just too strong for my taste buds to resist I am managing to taste a little of everything just to satisfy my craving.

When in school, I also fetch my own water down the knoll not only for the sole purpose of personal consumption but to burn these screaming fats inside me. I find it hard to perform the sit up every morning. Must be the result of weight gain?

And for the meantime, I am just enjoying the stress brought by the travels, works, and oh I should not be saying this as something I am enjoying but - sickness.

Alright, enough said and time to eat freshly picked guavas. 

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