Sunday, October 6, 2013

Melting Delight

I remember the post I wrote last year in this link entitled FROZEN DELIGHT after the city charter anniversary of my hometown Koronadal wasn't declared as a local holiday. Shallow as I may sound, it would have been a very welcome relief from the business of living. I mean we all want holiday. As a matter of fact, we all need it, don't we?

Photo credit: Allan Barredo.
But now frozen no more for it's a sure break this coming eighth as a memo from the national office has been signed and circulated, declaring the approaching city charter anniversary as a local holiday.

If a genie would come out the bottle this very moment and ask my three wishes for the "birthday" of our beloved hometown, these would be logically, of course, just three wishes.

First, it is my fervent hope that the economic growth of this regional crossroad of commerce, politics and education would continue to surge and expand. More large companies to establish around the city and more opportunities for our small scaled enterprisers to shine in the business.

Second, I wish that the local government would boost the tourism sector of the city. There is no need for huge investments for this. Just keep the city clean and green, most especially in the downtown area. I think of tree lined avenues, clear brimming rivers, and zero waste streets.

And third, I pray for a peaceful city amidst war threats in this part of the country. No to war to find peace. All we need is to respect one another and live in harmony, that is by embracing cultural differences and breaking political frontiers.
While these wishes sound just too good to be real, we know that wonders are everywhere. This does not mean that we can only leave everything to the heavens, but most important of all we must also exemplify these aspirations into actions.

Advance Happy 13th Charter Anniversary! Kanami City of Koronadal! And I wish you all the best!

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