Friday, October 11, 2013

Caloy and Me

SI CALOY by rock band Haganas is making its way to the of chart of local hits. And I am just loving every bit of it.

I like the lively mood of the song. It is definitely a throwback to the local music two decades ago and a welcome revert from the dramatic rock alternative songs that recently dominated the music world.

The energetic music, especially before the chorus, is very inviting. It is reminiscent of a style of popular music with a strongly accented beat. If it could be translated into actions, it would definitely be like filled with movements and activities.

I also like the ambitious character of the person in the song. I mean, it is all we ever need - be dreamy and asserive. Caloy, the protagonist in the song, represents a simple person but with bold character and big dreams.

The name Caloy is a strategic title because it is a common pet name and just easy to remember. It is very fitting to the "street music" that is common to the country and very marketable to the young generation.

And if the song continues its momentum, the dreams of the real Caloy boys behind this song will never be far fetched into becoming a reality.

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