Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ako'y Isang Mabuting Pilipino

Music is an effective tool because it is persuasive and inviting. The song entitled AKO'Y ISANG MABUTING PILIPINO composed by Noel Cabangon in 2006 is exactly like that - persuasive and inviting.

The rhythm of the song is very lively and it strikes a sense of nationalism that one would want to sing it from his heart and soul, a break from the usual highly emotional and sentimental songs tackling about love of country.

Moreover, the inspiring message of the song is very timely as it reminds not only the children but also the adults of our inherent responsibilities in the community when we seem to usually forget them either by taking them for granted or putting them into oblivion.

This musical piece can also be an effective springboard for value integration among our young ones. The song is actually a pledge on the many ways that we, including the adults, could be good citizens of our country - from simply throwing our garbage in the proper place to exercising our right to vote with conscience.

And just a final note that I really admire the singer and composer behind this song as he did not rest on his laurels. Noel Cabangon under Lampara Books lately launched a literary piece entitled the same to further spread its message. By using the lyrics of the song as the words of the story, he transformed it into a colorful picture book.

Just me thinking it's almost perfection if we could be a country of most responsible people in the world, but I believe in the power of thinking as the first step to realizing.

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