Friday, September 20, 2013

Night Life

Get a life. 

I hear it being commented to those like yours truly, who I must admit, have been living a mundane life comparable to that of an innocent monk in the monastery. So, after the nth time of coaxing and persuading, I succumbed to the idea of going out for a bar hop with my three friends this Friday night. An INITIATION, they said.

We went to EMR along Alunan Avenue, City of Koronadal. I like the place mainly because it is clean and cozy. A band on stage was playing live with a trio of female singers who I got envy with their singing prowess. There were a handful of party animals that night. It was not solely a bar for moneyed people but I can sense an atmosphere of civility around that people get conditioned to a decent mode when going there.

After two rounds of disco, we felt it was getting more boring to stay, so we decided to go to a more "open" bar called Paparonis along the other side of Alunan Avenue. It is not as classy as the former but the bar was jampacked by many expectant looks of mainly male species. There were stand up comedians but I pity at how they tried to look funny and people weren't amused at all.

We wanted to hop to another place called Mougen but it was a little late, so we decided to stay there longer. We drank and chatted until the unholy dawn. My three friends did a "very good deal" of getting me out of my claustrophobic life for me to see a wider vista of a barer life. I know there are things that aren't learned in school but it only meant more true until this time. Now, isn't that just a great drama again?

I noticed that most people in the bar have turned themselves into non-verbal animals either because they are innately born as non-verbal creatures or because it is a customary act when in the bar. Goers stare with meanings bulging out of their eyeballs. Passers turn with intentions screaming louder than voice. But in a sea of strangers desiring to engage in a companionship, it is the language of initiating and the freedom of reply is yours.

Another thing I realized that you need to dispatch a few people who are out of your taste in order to entertain a set of people you want to be friends with. I know that sounds a little mean of my friends making me realize it and I had terminal attacks of personal guilt about it but that's it and life, on a larger scale, goes on.

I also learned that it is attracting people and knowing them all, and the way they treat you depends on you. I must be frank that while I've always thought it's all about the flesh, I learned that we are the ones who carry ourselves and we can go to the bar without shedding and eventually losing self respect.

Our entire journey wasn't the best but I really enjoyed.

Worth another? Definitely.

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