Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy World Teachers' Day 2013

According to UNESCO, the World Teachers' Day presents a significant token of the awareness, understanding and appreciation showed for the vital contribution that teachers make to education and development.

This year's theme revolves around the slogan: A Call for Teachers, which will center on the development of teachers for global citizenship and cultural diversity. It is on this focus that it is believed that teachers are the instrument in building a sustainable future with people who are able to take actions on pressing challenges of the international community.

If you are a teacher who at the same time is a blogger or just as active in your social networks, here are some ways you might just enjoy this very special day dedicated only for the one of the noblest people in this planet - the teachers.

One of the easiest thing to shout that pride out loud is to spread awareness. Scribble on your online walls some greetings, quotations and compliments about the teachers you know. And just a simple tip: Do not forget to use trending hashtags.

Mail cards? You don't have to shop far and wide because there are hundreds of awesome electronic compliments about teachers. In a few clicks and seconds, and presto, you would have already sent your reminder of inspiration to all the teachers you've met in your life wherever corner of the world they may be now.

Programs and activities in honor for these "unsung heroes" of the world will surely be in every nook and cranny. Why not register your event this year and share your plans with others who may wish to participate or promote your event with the rest of the world? Submit your celebration in this

Dedicate and share a blog or note about the the role of teachers in your personal and professional development as a teacher. It is about time to look back to those people who helped us build ourselves to become just great like them. After all, aren't you teacher a result of our teachers in the past?

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Happy World Teachers' Day!

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