Friday, September 6, 2013

Drawing Inspirations

Last month, I did not really feel the holidays because of work commitments. I must say that, as a domino effect, I was stuck in a  sort of uninspired blogging. But slowly I am looking again at the brighter side of everything, which I think is more important than staying at the mundane. And I would just like to share some of my random inspirations for this.

A beam of inspiration she is. And candid at that take.

I have this growing likeness to this pretty lady who I can only describe as a fresh breath of air. Her name is Mutya Johanna Datul, a beauty queen wearing the Philippine sash at the Miss Supranational 2013 being held in Belarus. She simply has this genuine smile radiating through her whole personality that judges chose her in preliminary contest. The pageant is being shown at these hours but I don't have access, so the final result will be the first thing I am going to make inspiration tomorrow when I wake up.

After assuming that it will be the prelude of a season that ducks will hate, the rain poured tonight. It is from this that I get inspiration to definitely put my two bare hands in the garden tomorrow. I am going to transfer my hibiscus plants in the ground after they rarely bloomed in their pots and sometimes I noticed some "nipped in the bud" literally. I think they really need a favorable spot where their roots can spread wide and can thrive more healthy.

On the academic side, I am still thinking of what topic I am going to take with the action research I am planning to conduct, so tomorrow will be a welcome relief for this inkling in mind to come true. I have initially thought of something that would relate to the implementation of mother tongue as a curriculum subject in schools or to the reading difficulties that many early grade learners experience. You know, these stuffs that only weird people would throw much inspiration nowadays.

And lastly, I was notified days ago that that I have a letter at the community hall. I was back to the grinds for the whole week and I would only claim the letter not until Monday. Gone were the penpal days and a very few of my friends abroad would send letter these days, so I am understandably inspired at this point that I can only wildly guess. Could it be from someone I love or just from the bank? A letter from none of these two choices would really pull surprise but I am hoping to receive from the former.

So, this is how I am going to make some twists and turns this weekend from my rut.

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