Saturday, August 3, 2013

Una Poema Española Al Lengua Filipina

Our language has life. It has its own color, voice, and reason. While foreign experiences may have shaped the bulk of our vocabulary, we have brought new meaning and sound for every word that we borrowed. With ingenuity, our ancestors made our now Filipino Language a living testament of a rich cultural heritage. Below is an ode of the former language conqueror - also my first poem attempt on a third language.

Hermosa es su matiz
Como un arco de iris
Abajo del sol y lluvio
Uno mezclo glorioso.

Tu voz es flujo de rio
Con los hojas de tarro
Tan baile y jugando
Al ritmo del tiempo.

Creciste en la lengua 
De este conquistadora
La claridad que le dio
Pero razon lo compro.

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