Saturday, August 24, 2013

Meet Dr. Ariston, My New Friend

I don't know if she considers me her friend knowing that we barely know each other, but honestly I like the thought that I do consider her.

Despite the drizzle, I trip to General Santos City today for a plant shop at Oval Plaza. I am out for a cactus hunt and gladly find this stall at the end of the display owned by a woman who I suppose must be in her mid sixty. I instantly like her because she is easy to bargain with. Gardeners like that are really hard to find.

After paying, I left to her the plants that I bought, so that I can tour further around. I come across one of another gardener and ask if he will ever display cactus some other time, but he refers me to a certain Dr. Ariston in a stall at the end of the display.

When I come back to the same woman from whom I bought and left my plants awhile, I ask her if she is Dr. Ariston with whom the gardener at the other end tells. She smiles and nods. She taps my head and expresses a comment of concern after finding out that my bandana is already wet. 

We have a nice conversation afterwards. She says she is an optometrist, but does not practice her profession where "there is no much challenge" as she reasons out. Relating to my own profession, she also commented about the trend of teachers rolling to public schools to gather moss, pun intended.

She explains she came to the world of gardening thirty years ago by way of hobby of her son, who is engrossed with cactus. Many of her first rare cactuses have traveled land and sea. Over time, her cactus collection must have sprouted, clustered, withered, and sprouted again for many cycles now.

I tell her that I think I might as well pay her a visit some time. She says she seldom entertains people but she sketches the location of her domicile and states only a few like yours truly can visit her. Anyway, I still don't know her first name until now and I had no intention asking then because she might think otherwise, knowing that we barely know each other.

With the kind Dr. Ariston today.

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