Sunday, July 7, 2013

T'nalak Agri Fair

Just as colorful as the woven fabric of the symbolic T'nalak cloth, the Agri Fair 2013 along Alba Street, which is between Protech Center and Provincial Capitol, unfolded yesterday. This is part of the 14th T'nalak Festival of South Cotabato.

The biggest stars of the display are the philodendron plants of many varieties which cost around Php300 to Php5000 per plant. We bought two young philodendron varieties - a black cardinal and a red congo which cost Php300 each.

A red congo. Photo credit:
However, to my disappointment, I did not spot my favorite plants of cactus family. There were still vacant stalls and plant growers are just arriving, so I am hoping there will be thorns and prickles by next week.

Some of the plants that have become a craze to local growers were aglaonema, peacocks, ferns, cypresses, palms, and begonias. Just a tip: Don't buy impulsively. Tour the both ends of the street and compare the varying prices. You can actually make bargains also.

The displays will last until the end of the month! Pretty much time to plan your budget! Enjoy your shopping!

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