Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Sweet Vengeance of Sayote

Almost twice a week, I and my colleague explore the backyard of our school for a fresh harvest of those clinging vegetables called sayote. I have this notion before that it is just a major culinary boredom and a poor man's plant, but an array of menu can be cooked with sayote and one just have to be creative - thanks to Shiela Mae S. Pama.

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Sayote, also known as chayote, is a vegetable of gourd family. Its fruit is pear shaped light green. I've always wished to crunch it like an apple but I have this sane part telling me not to. However, botanically speaking, it is a fruit rather than a vegetable. Fair enough craving?

Moreover, the green color of its leaves and the twirling noodle like shoots in the tip of the sayote is a culinary delight we discovered. Aside from boiled, I love it more when sauteed because it is crunchy. We jokingly name this specialty our "green noodle".

Just to inspire myself more, I would like to share some health benefits I read about sayote. 

Sayote is relatively a good source of folates. This is a kind of vitamin that keeps the heart healthy by preventing build up of homocystein. When taken adequately before and during early pregnancy, it can also help prevent neural tube defects in the newborn babies.

Furthermore, sayote contains some types of antioxidants which protect the cells from damage. These substances help scavenge harmful radicals from the body that play a role in cancer, aging and various disease processes.

Both sayote fruits and leaves, like any other vegetables, are also rich in dietary fiber that provides the bulk required for regulating bowel movement. My colleague is constipated and began to feel a lighter stomach, drawing inspiration after sayote became a part of our diet. 

Sayote also contains zinc, an essential mineral that helps keep the immune system healthy. It is also rich in copper, which is great for the thyroid. The Vitamin K in it helps with clotting and helps in the prevention of osteoporosis while the iron helps with red blood cell production.

So, for those who think that sayote is just one vegetable of a poor man, think again. I hope you will also enjoy a culinary experiment with sayote.

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  1. my son thinks Sayote fruit looks like it has a puckered up mouth...


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