Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ripple Effect

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Life is a choice. And with every choice that we make, we create a chain reaction that looks more like that of a ripple effect.

Ripple effect, in psychology, can be described as an effect that follows after an initial event, like an expanding ripple across the water when an object is dropped into it. Life is more like a ripple effect, and our actions create a backlash that influence not only of what we become but also of what others become.

Our choices in life are also a reflection of who we really are. What we dream and aspire in life manifest in our choices. And how we think and act show as we reach those choices in the process. 

And since our choices are like a ripple, we need to make the wisest ones at the same time. We have to keep in mind that with our every choice, we make a lasting outward cascade of change to the world.

We'll never know how our choice of words may result into dark holes in the lives of others. Each person has a share of negative stories of the past, which we carry unconsciously. These gather like drops of rain until it runs over.

But on the positive side of things, we'll never know how our choice of simple acts may make one soul breath lighter because we did. These simple acts do not cost and are not actually hard to do. Let me just tell you some...

Notice. It may be the most encouraging reason for a person who needs attention to see his worth for the first time.

Listen. It may be the triggering cause that a perplexed person would finally feel that he is understood.

Smile. It may be the only bright sight that any person wandering along the way has ever seen for today.

Appreciate. It may be the most beautiful compliment that a girl suffering from poor self esteem has ever heard.

Help. It may be the kindest hand that could help a failing person stand up and fix his dreams again.

Love. It may be the most enduring act of kindness that could melt a stony heart in despair and misery.

Thank. It may be the sweetest word that one human may realize to do more good things in the world.

With these positive choices and more, why won't we start making these good choices in life and watch for the ripple effect of good things?

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