Friday, July 5, 2013

Fast or Slow - How Do You Find It?

Is it just my mind or is time moving really slow as a snail lately?

I have oftentimes complained how time flies so fast and how week passes quickly before I knew it all happened under my nose. But this week is just weird. It seems that everything turns just so slow.

It might have something to do with anticipating the pay day again, which is too far in the calendar from now. Or to planning to look for a new environment to get my grey cells work again on second semester. Or to the fact that I find this week just way easy without challenge and pressure.

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I have this pragmatic voice behind reminding me of a simple lesson back in the grade school that a day is composed of 24 hours - all the same. So, time can't really be slow. Maybe I just need to reset my mind. And have more fun.

Fast or slow - how do you find yours, friends?

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