Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Outward Journeys

Just a rundown of my whereabouts during the hiatus period when I was not able to take time to leave a word here.

A week before classes officially kicked off, we attended a workshop on making of instructional materials. It was a timely event because we did not only acquire but also design instructional materials, an act that seems to take ton of will during sleepy vacation days.

Sabino Elementary School is perched high atop a rugged mountain slope. The pictures taken below show one of the highest points before reaching the site of the school. Under normal circumstances, it is a path contoured in the slope with the mountain on the left and the cliff on the right. 

And with the camera addict teachers, the once lonesome afternoons in Sabino Elementary School becomes an exciting resemblance of City of Bagiuo. This is one of our strolls around the slope, overlooking the city. It's truly breathtaking during the late noon because you can see the whole city slowly fade in the day and then slowly glitter in the evening.

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