Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mini Reunion

This one is too good to just slip away.

I met up with old friends from my elementary days over a late stroll around the barrio. I probably hadn't seen them for ages because we only had nodding moments since we all got busy with our respective careers.

I can say that Fely Granada and Melody Sulapas are "more special" as my classmates. We sat in the same classroom since kindergarten at Marbel 7 SDA Elementary School until we finished our senior year at Marbel 7 National High School. After that, they both set their eyes to MVC Valencia City to pursue their nursing dream while I headed my way to MSU General Santos City for a direction I was unsure at first.
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Lumi is almost the "official" food everytime we had "mini reunions" with classmates because it is the most ready recipe in barrio panciterias. It is a dish made of thick noodles laden with meat, sauteed with garlic and beaten with egg. I love it when spicy, so I seasoned mine with more ground pepper.

So, let me tell you about my two friends.

Fely has the nicest penmanship that I adore. She finished her nursing studies with flying colors - as usual, not to mention that she is our consistent valedictorian. She is eying for an opportunity abroad after her contract in private hospital ends. She is still the same bubbly girl I know who giggles over her crazy affairs of the heart.

Melody is also a licensed nurse who practices her profession in the provincial hospital. We used to go to school together, our homes just a stone throw away from each other. Her discipline toward studies inspired me way back.  She has some former lovers now that put my own love life to shame. Laughs.

We talked and laughed about the good old days until I realized there we were right at the moment when we are already grown up people with different journeys to embark. Time is really fast, and it was goodbye again.

Fely Granada and Melody Sulapas.

I am happy to see you both and thanks for the grand time, friends. The best of luck ahead of your career paths.

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