Friday, June 14, 2013

Birthday Wishes

Yesterday was my 25th birthday, silver year, as my friend said. I came into this world on that wee hour right after the memory of independence of this nation. I proclaimed my coming into this world with a loud cry, proud to be the first fruit of my parents' love.

For years I have been used to spend my birthday just like how any ordinary day is spent. I went to the grinds as usual and did the usual business of living. Later I curled in my bed, thinking how great the Sire above for giving me another year to fulfill my purpose in this world, whatever it is.

Here is my wish list that I would have wanted to have on my birthday. Oh, come on. Let's focus on me just today. Lol.

1. Flash drive. Since the day when almost everyone had this little gadget called flash drive, I only had one eversince. A few months back it was corrupted. Any capacity-wise flash drive will do.

2. Inferno. I've been a follower of science fiction works of Dan Brown. This one might be bashed by many readers but I'm still curious to know how the author called Manila as a gate of hell. I decided I would wait until the price deflates but anyone with a good heart need not to prolong my agony.

3. And any book to read.

4. Camera. I have been blogging for quite a year now and one of my problems is a personal camera to document especially those actual field activities that I write about. Any camera would do. Yay!

5. External hard disk. My computer memory is almost full. After some heavy ruminations, I decided that its about time to put off my collections of albums and movies to the recycle bin in order to enhance the performance of my computer. And yet my files are constantly bulging, eating remaining spaces of my computer.

6. Planner. It's half way of the year, but I believe its never too late. I used my last planner until its last page regardless if the year is long over due.

7. Cactus. Any rare variety of this prickly plant that I am so obsessed lately.

8. Anything for the pouring season. A jacket, coat, bonnet, or socks would be enough to suit my nights just warm.

9. Boots. Not really fashionable, but something to enjoy the muddy ground when going to school these rainy days.

10. And lastly, your prayers. I would like to ask favor through your prayers that may God will always shower upon me health, peace, wisdom, guidance, and love as I continue to tread my journey in this world.

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