Friday, June 7, 2013

And So I'm Back, What's Next?

Ten days passed without a word for this blog. A lot occurred in between.

First, I have been without internet for quiet a while. I had overdue payments or my contract with the network ended. I thought I'm gonna end last month with a bang since I was almost in the verge of blogging one post every single day towards the last week of the month. But alas, the internet connection failed.

Second, for good, I decided to stay near the school where I teach, without internet there. The burnout caused by travel and weather costed me to bear the mundane life in the countryside instead, and to say again that there is no internet over there.

A lot more has happened in between, and I'm glad to say, mostly nice things. And to say now that I am back, I will surely post them here when the pictures are soon available. The highlights so far include:

  • Attending workshop on the making of instructional materials. It lasted for three days, and it surely was something to learn a lot from.
  • Drawing hope that my passion in my career will last long, long. Classes opened this week, and I've been doing my best to religiously follow my lesson plans.
  • Exploring the yon far horizons outside my comfort zone. It's just so nice that after work my life tweaked a bit from staying up all noon in my bed to trekking new places and meeting different people. Thanks to my fellow teachers, I say.
  • Renewing my spiritual life, realizing that it's not cheesy to be religious at all. This sounds both funny and serious though but I must say my relationship with God is something I must work on further.

Change is the only thing that is constant in this world, but there's really no change of heart in this blog. In fact, I so missed it, and I am here to stay - constantly. Not bad I say. Hoping to blog what happens next.

And how are you, friends?

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