Saturday, June 15, 2013

Acrid and Mutton

The son of my new landlady asked me to help him on his assignment, and it proved that my mind is really getting rusty and dull. Am I suffering from memory failure this early and proving Ebinghaus' law of forgetting?

Okay, from now on, I will pin these two words that were haunting the catacombs of my mind for days until today when I decided to google it down.

ACRID - is the English translation for "mapakla" or a certain smell or taste associated with unripe fruit. I was thinking of words like arid and turgid, something that ends with -id sound, but my vocabulary proved really poor. What a word search.

MUTTON - is the right term for the sheep meat. What trivia I can recall most when talking about sheep is that a male sheep is a ram while a female sheep is an ewe. How can I forget it when I was eating the exact "mutton" at Bigby's last year?

Alright, time to add reading dictionary to my resolutions. 

And any more suggestion, friends?

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