Friday, May 17, 2013

Thorns, Spines And Prickles

On a typical weekend, it is a major decision for most of us on how to spend this two most precious days best so that we can be relieved from stress and pressure brought by work. 

Aside from my blogging life, what keeps me engrossed on typical weekends is my cactus collection at home. I have been an enthusiast of cactus for the last ten years. I really don't know how I got inspiration but I am just obsessed with the diversity of forms, shapes and colors of these unique plants.

There are a few of my old time cactuses which survived into awesome clusters after years of neglect and attacks of disease. Most of my present collections are a fresh batch, so it would take more patience to wait them finally grow beautifully.

I currently have over one hundred varieties from ordinary to rare, and collecting more. Among these, I also started to include a few succulents and a growing number of spikes in my collection.

I have been researching and planning on how to build a cactus house but as for now I placed my cactus in a long stand just beside our balcony where the sun does not shine full and the rain cannot directly reach.

Well, have a happy weekend my dear friends!

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