Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Study Habits

We recently had a two day workshop on making an action research in our district. Part of our final output was developing a proposal of such. I and my colleagues decided that we focus on the causes of poor study habits among pupils. Which leads me to reflect of my own study habits after - mostly those that are my poor study habits.

The research team. Photo credit: Honey Lyn S. Pama.

First, I can study excessively. Most especially on exam periods, I study way too long with way too short breaks. I can study for the whole day and night with short meal breaks. I exactly know my motivations for studying but I am also aware I am overdoing it.

Later I encountered a boardmate who studies as ungodly as I do. It is true that there are bad things you can't see for yourself but only when you see others do it. Think about how neurons are rubbing to master all those horrible notes until wee hours of dawn. It really takes an ounce of strength to try walking straight the following morning.

Second, I like to study minutes before the quiz or exam.I have this habit of imagining what I have studied some fifteen minutes before the moment of truth. Oftentimes I tend to be a victim of law of forgetting, so cram attack me shortly and I scan my notes quickly again.

Cramming hours or minutes before the exam as a study strategy can be an effective or stressful habit, depending on how a person deals it. Most experienced people say it is almost always not good, but for my style it expands the capacity of my memory to accommodate information efficiently at the last minute when there is time pressure.

Third, aside from sleeping, holding my notes is the next most relaxing thing I do with my bed. It's not that I wasn't taught the standards of reading, but nothing makes me feel minimally pressured than being in a heaven of softness where I can lie down comfortably, looking to the book at the side or looking to my chest having the book.

Mom used to reprimand me on this habit. Studying while lying down forces your eye muscles to exert strength, that is the reason I know the least. I think I'm paying the price lately when I can't read for long periods the way I used to.One surely wouldn't want to develop serious visual challenges, would one?

Photo Credit: http://uratexblog.com.

While there is no one best study habit for everyone, I think I need to change some of my study habits although there is really nothing to study more because I am dead tired of pursuing any academic endeavor in the graduate school at the present and I have decided to shut the word "study" off my vocabulary.

How about you, readers?

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