Friday, May 24, 2013

It's More FAN: Funny Things To Do During Brownout

The IT'S MORE FAN tagline was started by the people of General Santos City when the city was plagued by the power outage that lasted for almost fourteen hours a day. It's More FAN in GenSan was jokingly adapted after the famous campaign of Department of Tourism dubbed as It's More FUN in the Philippines.

What brought me into this introspection is the anticipation of the scene tomorrow that is going to be described as a drop in electrical power supply system. I don't know the coverage of the brownout, but I think it will be just in our cluster. We still have to be thankful after all that the said outage will last for a day only.

I am confident though that many of us will set the fans aside and make this weekend a truly fun day with a list of options while waiting for the electricity. But if there will be no hope of a brightness until the evening, here are just some crazy things to enjoy in the dark, turning the dull moments into fun!

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1. Take a dramatic walk around the block. Strolling in the dark  can give you a relaxed feeling. It is like walking at the edge of oblivion.

2. Or you if you are located in a village that is far from pollution, look for a swarm of fireflies around and probably catch one.

3. You can always stay at home also and play with the candle, maybe gather drops of wax, form some figures and melt them again in the flame.

4. You can set your mood into a poetic one. Take a seat in the balcony, look at the velvet darkness outside, and try to attempt a literary piece.

5. Or simply watch people pass by and go tripping by greeting them a fine evening for the hell of it. Hit it or miss it. Gather friends or earn enemies.

6. Invite friends over and gather in a circle and start spinning the yarn. You can exchange creepy stories and watch yourselves shiver in terror.

7. Games like hide-and-seek can be also more exciting especially during brownout. Just make sure you're playing with the right persons all along!

8. When I was still living in my flat, I and my boardmates go outside and sing our hearts out with a guitar. That's really cool. Prepare your song requests.

9. Or you can get the flashlight and cast the light under your face. Explore your scariest angle in the mirror and maybe take a picture.

10. And when electricity finally strikes, make contests like who can blow off the candle first or who has the most mosquito bites. Lmao.

Have a happy weekend, readers! It's really more than just FAN; take your time wisely to have FUN!

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