Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I Love The Malditas

Forget the Askals for now. Meet their women counterpart in football, the Malditas.

I can remember one of my term papers in college entitled MALDITA, but it was pretty much a justification of how important is the effective crafting of villains or antagonists in the development of a literary piece.

Maldita is a Spanish and Filipino word that means a naughty, mean, or stubborn girl. In more informal conversations, when a friend upsets you, maldita is a term of endearment rather than a word of swear when you run out of a word to say.

And enough of linguistics. The Maldita Philippine Women Football Team recently rose to popularity after defeating the hapless Iran squad yesterday in a 6-0 score signifying a blistering start towards their journey to 2014 Asian Women Football Cup.

For its record,the biggest defeat of the Malditas was 0-20 versus China; biggest win 10-0 versus Guam; highest ranking 75th place. The Malditas also bagged the bronze during the 1995 Southeast Asian Games and the gold during the 2012 Los Angeles Viking Cup.

Meanwhile, click their pictures below in order to get to know the roster of mighty women who compose the team as I am also not very familiar with them yet. Credit for all the images used goes to the Malditas Facebook Page. So far, there's eight of them.

We will be watching and cheering for your continued success! Go, Malditas!

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