Saturday, May 18, 2013

Country Roads

Life is an unspoken metaphor called journey. Sometimes we take smooth roads. At other times we encounter bumpy trails and rough patches.

Along the way, we meet different people. Some are meant to challenge our faith before a river of test. Others are meant to help us cross through a bridge of friendship.

Many times, things won't go our way. We get off the route and take a detour that would translate to new adventures, surprises, and experiences.

Keep going - that's what we are told. Yet in taking the inevitable stops at the unknown stations, we see newer vistas and wider horizons of life.

When we finally reach our destination, we can only say we succeed on our journey if we engage in our purpose. Only then a journey can be said worthwhile.

And at the end of everything, we realize that the road is actually endless, and just one of the countless more journeys to take ahead. So, life must go on again.

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