Monday, May 20, 2013

Brigada Eskwela!

BRIGADA ESKWELA with that exclamation point!

Our Brigada Eskwela kicked off today. This is a nationwide activity often known as schools maintenance week where teachers, parents, leaders and students join hands basically to prepare the school for the approaching opening of classes.

Photo Credit: DepEd Philippines Facebook Page.

We went to our station at Sabino Elementary School early this morning. There were a handful of people who came to take part in the activity. It was a sad truth to know though that not a lot of people around the community take responsibility in this once a year spirit of cooperation.

Many times as I have observed in school activities, parents take part only when tangible rewards are at stake. Call it a low level of motivation, but sometimes we cannot blame those we overhear that they cannot sacrifice a day of work in order to look for their families and keep the wolf from the door.

In other big schools, many parents choose to extend financial counterpart when they cannot attend to help. While this can be a good way to show "alternative" form of support, the spirit of cooperation which is the very essence of the Brigada Eskwela is oftentimes neglected.

Back this morning, a parent who was later nosy of what was going on came our way. He was saying he does not have a child who goes to our school anymore, so he is not taking part. We corrected him that the school is an institution of the community whether he has child attending the school or no.

Which brings me to the idea of the roles of stakeholders in the life of a school. Many times we have to bring into light that the school is a property of the community - of the people who compose around the school regardless of how "connected" they are to the school. Hence, it is the social responsibility of everyone to support whatever program and activity that would develop the institution further.

Having said all these in a near rant, I leave to you the meaning of that exclamation point.

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