Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Mystery of Smile

But behind a smile, there can be a lot of things.

A smile could mean that someone had just found a nice surprise, had just heard an awesome joke or had just seen a beautiful inspiration. People smile because they want to express their amusement or happiness.

On the other hand, there are also people who overplay their sadness with a smile. They are the ones who can't risk to show their vulnerability. They are afraid of life so they step back and smile as if nothing is wrong.

A smile could also be a form of game. People are naturally performers. People can smile in a camera and present themselves as serene people to the world, but in reality they are lonely, broken and screwed.

Some naughty people in many social sites modernized this ancient
painting. After spooking, this is Mona Lisa after a day of  internet surfing.

Perhaps the most mysterious smile that had all the poets and scholars around the world wondered is that of a work of art called Mona Lisa. It has been said that its artist Leonardo Da Vinci, due to his obsession and compulsion, took painting the lips for 10 years! 

I see a lot of people down the street smiling everyday, but I can't be sure of what they really mean.

And well... I am smiling right now.

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