Monday, April 22, 2013

Soft Soap

SOFT SOAP, aside from our literal understanding, is a figurative expression that means a flattering talk.

As I have post scripted in a previous article I wrote in this link here, I am not bitter about desiring to have a white skin at all.

Since its summer, I and my friend beat the afternoon heat by wandering around the mall. We stumbled across this stall of purely beauty products.

"What is your best whitening product?" I queried.

"This soap is good." The young sales lady gave me a white soap.

I took the soap. "How does it take effect?" I further asked.

"Notice your skin peeling a bit off after bathing," she replied.

The sales lady, believing she delivered a convincing spiel to a potential customer, thought that I would be impressed with the instant whitening effect that their product can do.

A drama lit up my head. "Is there no more harsh than this, like a soap that would peel my whole self off as a snake leaving all its skin behind?"

She essayed a laugh.

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