Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Crown

For the first time in my life, I had my crowning glory colored!

Actually, having my hair dyed has been a wild idea a year ago. However, I always took it with a grain of salt. What if I don't look good with it? But I thought a good beautician translates to a good hair make over.

Just before my M.A. graduation, I went to a referred beauty parlor. I wanted a hair color that isn't so obvious, so I imagined a dark brown color. The beautician gave me a brochure with hair color models. I never thought in the world there could be dark brown, darker brown and darkest brown. I chose the superlative degree.

After over an hour, there I was looking at my new crowning glory in the mirror being dried. I wasn't really convinced it's dark enough until my landlady in the corner said that it looked good with me. It's funny and evil though but I usually bring my landlady with me for second opinion purposes; the mall treat is given, of course.

I have some of my friends who barely noticed my new hair and others of them didn't at all. Among my friends who noticed, I should like to divide them into two.

The first are those who I know are die hard as huge members of a fan's club no matter what scandal their most cherished star might go through. They said they like my brand new hair because it's making my aura more glorious.

On the other hand, the second are those who I know are my chums in life and are just open enough to speak up their minds. They said my new hair had me look more matured and I am better with my simple black crown.

To crown or not to crown?

Today I attended a seminar with selected teachers in the district. I was about to go off when I heard my name. One teacher told me she likes my hair and that I looked bright with it.

I thought and said: We are nurturing children in school for bright future. And that brightness ought to begin with us.


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