Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dry Cough

A Japanese proverb says: You cannot hide love and cough.

And I definitely have been feeling distress from dry cough since weekend. This started that Friday when I just sat down for the whole day and whole night doing all those horrible school forms with just short meal breaks in between. The food seemed untasty and I ate like a bird.

I really didn't have a choice. Even if I wasn't feeling good anymore, I have to go on the following Saturday. I needed to because i would be forced to set it aside on Sunday and Monday for our school graduation. Which leaves me no more day until the checking time on Tuesday! And the reason for my lack of posts lately.

And so the checking day came...

After fixing all the kinds of error there could be, I was ready for the final reprint of the last and most important form when I found out that my files in the flashdrive were hidden by virus! Lost! Nada! Imagine how my cough got even worse when the computer attendant could not recover my files! My friend who had been enormously helping me told me what a hell of joke is all these!

I didn't have a choice but to call home. I had my laptop sent in. I have a raw copy of that form to which I have to edit twice.  And so while in the middle of work for almost an hour, the computer attendant told me that he recovered the file. Made me want to shout that four dirty letter word! But which I didn't because I am not used to it.

I took patience as a virtue. And today I thought I can almost see a hope of bed rest after our half day butt burning seminar. Until my classmate in the graduate school informed me that I have to secure toga until 6 PM today because there would be no other day in the holy week that the office will be open. Instant travels make me stressed.

The next two days will be the holy week's Thursday and Friday, and it will be very fitting for me to keep myself holy, too. I hope to really get well. And no more, ahem, dry cough because of stress.

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