Monday, March 18, 2013

5th Graduation

If I will count the graduation ceremonies where I am one of those misty eyed graduating students, this graduation come April 2 will be my 5th. As Leah Salonga belted it out: What a journey it has been!

I will surely miss the graduate school life in MSU and all the classmates and professors I have met in the corridors of that proud graduate school building behind that old symbolic tree that seems fighting for life like the students who come to the institution to learn.

I will miss the communal weekends at the campus of MSU High School - meeting a bunch of professional people, preparing presentations for reporting, making mini forums beside the ongoing class, chatting with classmates about graduate school blues, killing time while waiting for the rain to stop at the shed beside the gate.

Hell, they say commencement means not the end, but the beginning. But no matter how many graduation speakers say that, I hate to face the truth that commencement, how happy it should be, always sores my heart...

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