Saturday, February 9, 2013

Movie Civilian

If I am to describe my 'movie life' it would be that I am a movie civilian - a person of average movie intelligence and under appreciates the art of film.

Honestly, I am not a great lover of movies. Between a book and a cd, I would prefer to have a good read of story. At least in reading I can regress in order to fully digest the situations and I pick up more words for vocabulary. Yet, because I am committing myself to a continuing self improvement as a resolution this year, I decided that I might as well want to catch up with the movie world. 

Although I have a couple of movies I have watched more than once, they are compulsively related to a particular theme or person, for example, the Indian actor and director Aamir Khan. His movies such as Three Idiots, Every Child is Special, Ghajini, and My Name is Khan have themes focusing on the depth of life with a touch of education, which I really love about. 

As a start, I want to watch a line of movies that were inspired from classic books of world literature... another world that has been beyond the range of my ken.

Last month I watched "Odysseus". I did have a good read of Roman and Greek mythologies back when I was still in high school and the movie was such a good refresher. I suddenly remembered mythological expressions such as Achilles' heel as vulnerable spot, a Penelope as a loyal wife, an Odysseus as a long journey, a Cyclopean as something huge... And would I forget where the allusion of our modern expression Trojan Horse came from? The movie was much easy to understand as much as I had a nice reading of it before.

Last week, I watched "The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1997" by the famous Victor Hugo. I have heard the title of the novel and the name of the author before, but I must be so stupid to find out just now that the novel was written by this very author. I happen to weirdly love scenes of medieval life so I like the movie. It is a story of hopeless love and tortured lust - between a beautiful gypsy and a deformed bell ringer, plus a wicked priest. I had confusions at some points but these were certainly about the religious laws and cultural practices that were infused in the story.

I don't want to pressure myself watching at least one movie a week. I am still on the process of learning to love movies without replays or subtitles. Sometimes there are just things that I am too slow for. 

Anyway, I have another classic Victor Hugo movie entitled "Les Mesirables" on queue. Any great movie suggestion for me?

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