Friday, February 1, 2013

Fabulous February

It was as though time flew so slow for January and it was rather a long wet month to bear. But alas, it is time to turn a new leaf as February is in the air. Call me dorky but aside from the love, love, love of which this month is widely known in the world, this month must also be a great cultural and  historical experience, well, for me at least!

As I have told you in this previous post here, I have been recently enjoying the presence of different homing and visiting birds in our garden. This month is incidentally the National Bird Feeding Month among U.S. based bird hobbyists. As my own way of promoting it, I had the word to make a 'bird' label for this blog and regularly write about my bird watching hobby at home. This year's theme is "Bringing Song and Color to Your Backyard".

Let us cut ourselves some slack from the issue like legalization of divorce in our country as this month is also being observed as World Marriage Day. The purpose of this celebration is to honor husband and wife as the foundation of the family, the basic unit of the society. You say it does not directly apply to me since I am single but I would like to take this opportunity to greet my Mom and Dad for being one of those couples who have kept their vows and pledged their devotion midst family challenges of the modern time.

It is should be noted also that almost a year ago, we went through major curriculum changes in education, of which one is the shift towards the teaching of mother tongue in the lower grades level all over the country. The observance of International Mother Language Day come 21st of the month should be a timely event especially to all our educators who are teaching mother tongue as a subject in the field. The said celebration has always banked on its aim to create awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity around over the world

And lastly, this  coming 25th of the month is a significant day in our history for we remember the sacrifices of our countrymen who fought to restore our freedom exactly 27 years ago in the streets of EDSA . Dubbed as "the revolution that surprised the world", it is our grand testament that hands are mightier than guns. As a proof of its powerful influence, the famous "laban" hand sign has become a world icon adopted in revolutions in other countries. I think that we have a good reminder to rekindle that spirit of sharing, caring and giving.

So, there you go, people! I hope we will all have a fabulous February! And anyways, a happy Valentine's Day most of all!

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