Friday, February 22, 2013


It's been a while since my last blog entry. This damn busy-ness made the lack of words to post. I have no complaints whatsoever because I love having a full plate once a while. It's just that I think I am missing a lot of my 'blog life' here.

After that weekend of City Athletic Meet where I was baked under the scorching sun, we went to the wake of Edeson's father-in-law. Our first plan was to stay until ten in the evening, but everything twisted when we started talking about ghosts and witches. Shiela was most scared and so were the rest. So, instead of taking the risk of traveling in the middle of the dark night and probably encountering an unknown thing if there is such, we ended up watching movie, playing cards and sleeping in the tent. 

I had just a smell of home the following morning and went out again to prepare my pertinent papers for my employer department, mostly medical. So far my urine analysis, chest xray, blood test, drug test, and neurology exam indicated that I am still enjoying a semblance of normalcy. I brought all these results to my physician for interpretation and certification.

I had a brief but good talk with Dr. Zenaida Sandig who is a close friend of my late grandmother. I can't remember so much of her because the last medical appointment I had with her was back in college. I am amazed to rediscover that aside from her intelligence which is given, she is very soft spoken. She even advised me to have a blood test in the future because type AB+ might be just too 'choosy' for a compatibility blood partner.

As soon as I was able to submit all my papers the next day, I headed to the city which I consider my second home: General Santos City - to apply for graduation. I missed it so much like hell; its smell is so distinct that only my olfactory nerves can explain. I spent lunch in my boarding house. My boardmates, as the usual thing that we do, teased me that I am getting bulgy and dark. I am happy that all my things in the closet are well cared. Thanks to the best landlady in the world, Ate Lily.

The MSU campus was still much the same - its smell, mostly. As the application papers for graduation were in my very hands, I can't still believe I am in the verge of another graduation of my life again. Although I am not really that excited as when I was in college, but I know that it must be the reward for all my struggles. I can't wait for the graduation ball and probably be asked of a speech response as a student. I have a couple of tearful thoughts to share in this academic journey.

Well, I am definitely enjoying my busy-ness. I guess that is better than being tired, exhausted or dead. I don't know but I am just happy as somebody should be. And yeah, I have a little secret, but I am compelled not to disclose it yet. It might be just the real reason why I must be happy.

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