Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Continuing Saga

I "cheated" by deliberately coming late with my friends for the parade. We just inserted in the middle when the procession was at KCC Mall where we were waiting. But I am equally thankful because I was able to save a few kilometers of hike. Fair enough?

Aside from I skipped breakfast, the smell was inviting so we headed for merienda. It was one of my few tastes of the famous Trisha's burger. It is yummy enough to satisfy my darn hungry stomach.

Alright, my alma mater which was the only school to represent the city, lost in the drumline contest. Well, not really bitter because I should say it's a deserved defeat. As people behind us said, better luck next time.

It poured in the afternoon just after the show in the sports complex. I have no rain shields except my poor bucket hat. Sorry but I just could not help but hurl curse in the wind while riding the tricycle back home.

Welcome this new addition to my growing collection of cactus at home. It is called "banana cactus" as the garden store owner said. Well, it really looks like a bunch of bananas - reasonably.

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