Monday, January 7, 2013

Celebrity Bird

We were all delighted to see this bird flying inside our home tonight that we chased it with a camera like a sought after artist in town. It hopped to some shrubs in the balcony, then stopped for a while in the window pane, and finally flew to this lagundi plant outside.

We have seen its kind among the shrubs in our garden, building their nests. My Dad call it "maya", and we all in the family have protected them by warning all those curious kids in the neighborhood not to sling these teeny souls or maraud their nests in our backyard.

Just to give more information about our "little celebrity" tonight, I would like to share these words from an article written by Don Sausa.

"One of the most widely spread misinformation in the Philippines is the identity of our formal national bird. Before the Philippine Eagle was declared as the official national bird of the Philippines in 1995, the title previously belonged to the Philippine maya."

Everyone thinks it's the brown bird.

"When I was a child, I was told all of those tiny brown birds were all mayas. Everyone around me thought the same. My friends, family, and teachers, all of them thought the brown birds were mayas. Unfortunately what I was taught was incorrect. These brown animals, the most widely seen bird species in the country, is not actually endemic to the Philippines. It's found all over Asia and Europe and was introduced here. The official name of this bird is the Eurasian Tree Sparrow."

The real maya stands out - it's red in color.

"The Philippine maya is otherwise known as the Black Headed Munia also known as Chestnut Munia. 
While it's family is found throughout Asia, the maya bird subspecies particularly belongs to the Philippines. When they are young, the color of their feathers are brown but when they mature, they turn red."

So, aside from maya being a real celebrity to our home tonight, there we read the truth. Let us spread the reality out and help educate everyone. Teach our friends, relatives, and children the correct information.

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