Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Of Beginnings...

Beginning... It evokes a kind of mixed emotions every time it slithers like a snake in our thoughts this very moment that marks the first day of this another brand new year of our lives.

For some people, beginning produces a tinge of excitement. Yet for others, beginning poses a feeling of apprehension. And for more others, beginning creates a vision of uncertainty.

For those who are eager about making a step into the new day, hold your horses and take time to truly live each coming day. Life is not always about bed of roses; remember that roses are not without its thorns.

For those who are afraid about facing their destiny, cast all your fears away and be bold enough to stand against the odds of life. At the end of the beginning you take, you will reap the fruits of courage and realize that everything was worth the risk.

And for those who are unsure about what life holds for them in the future, look at the positive side of life and take comfort of the crossroads you are situated now. In the nick of time, you will see the purpose and all will make sense.

Whatever our perceptions, we cannot avoid beginning for it is itself an inevitable  part of life. Every goal, plan, mission or endeavor that we take is commenced with a prized process called beginning.

So, on this brand new year upon us, I wish everyone an awesome beginning of life!

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