Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Keep Calm

Week ago I came to conclusion that life is an irony. I decided that the way to hang on to one's sanity with a sweaty grasp is to take things easy - keep calm.

I recently attended a three-day training about language teaching. As the young and new teacher in the group, I was always made the bullet by my groupmates to reporting, as was the case in other groups. 

During the first day's afternoon session, my groupmates handed me a manila paper with some sorts of figures which they did while I was away. The way they told me that they assigned me to report it was as if they had a council meeting to appoint me unanimously to do the task while I was out. 

I wanted to make things simple and smooth, so I accepted the task with as much resignation. While staring at the mind map in the paper brought me cold feet, accepting the task was an encouraging opportunity to stand in front and speak my mind.

Then we also had a part of the closing program where each district was asked to pick a representative to give an impression about the whole training. It caused disturbed faces. This is a normal scenario among the teachers in a formal program which many called "microphonephobic" - a morbid fear in microphone?

Many members of our district suggested that any of our senior teachers and master teachers be given that task. But in the end, my name was listed for it. I sat back and organized my thoughts. Boy, keep cool, I told myself confidently.

I thought the week must have ended as a welcome relief. Until it got me off that our district heads would be coming to observe our classes next week. Instead of juggling in frenzy, I spent my whole weekend sleeping like a log. I heard cool rain outside sang: Keep calm.

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