Friday, January 11, 2013

Feet Up

Friday is here again and I am just relieved and happy! Despite yesterday was a local holiday, this week seemed to have stretched on insane proportions. Two low pressures raged up the skies, so I have to wrap up myself literally from the rain. Yet my poor shoes were not able to escape the mud along the way.

Yes, yesterday was a local holiday, but the teachers were required to participate in the parade. Although I was able to save a few kilometers of walkathon because I was late with my friends and just inserted at the middle of the procession, not only my legs but also my shoes were eventually worn out. And it rained again in the afternoon.

Now, what makes this Friday relieving is that it's time to just sit down and lean back. I have just finished washing my shoes which were soaked with water and mud. Not only raising my hands up as a gesture of willing surrender, I am putting my  feet up, well, including my shoes, for a real rest.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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